Lynette Lealwalcott, is a wife, daughter, mother of seven children, business entrepreneur, and minister called to Empower, Engage, and Excite others to Believe.

Having overcome abuse, molestation, divorce, religion, and death; her passion is towards woman and young girls that are hurting and displaced in these areas. Understanding that it is her testimony that has made her who she is today, she uses it all for the glory of God through her dances, her songs, her writings, and speaking. Her heart of forgiveness and accepting the unconditional love of Christ is what she would like to pass along to everyone.

Speaking to issues that young girls face daily she empowers them through workshops and events which yield a safe environment to build their self-esteem and courage. She hopes that we as molding adults in the lives of young girls will take seriously the responsibility of sharing truths and not allow them to be challenged by the norm nor left uncovered for the prey.

As Founder and Author of Arise n’ Shine Newsletter and Owner of the Swann School of Etiquette – Lynette Lealwacott where she is a Lifestyle and Etiquette Coach she fulfills her destiny to help people understand that we all are destined for greatness: